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Mẫu mầu mặt dựng Aluminium
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Aloya Renoxbell Aluminum composite panel is a kind of composite materials, structured as sandwich panel. It consists of two thin aluminum face plates as front and real panels, and polyethylene as core materials, all of which are laminated through macromolecule lamination film. The abbreviation for aluminum composite panel is ACP, or ACM (aluminum composite materials). In Europe, it is also called Alucobond. 
Guangzhou Aloya Renoxbell Aluminum Co.,Ltd provide you turnkey solution for Aluminum composite panel Wall Facade----Smartfix Fixing system for our clients to fulfill amazing curtain wall.
Smartfix advantages 
    * Awarded by the international Red Dot committee in Germany for excellence in design solutions 
    * No exposed face sealants used for vertical and horizontal joints 
    * Low Maintenance as a result of no exposed sealants 
    * Concealed fixed, Mechanically fixed – full perimeter of panel 
    * Perfect joint uniformity from end to end and top to bottom 
    * Superior structural rating 
    * Approved and tested for use as a waterproof facade system and self draining system - refer CSIRO Smartfix test DTF750 results, passed to AS4284 
    * Up to 20% quicker to install over traditional cassette jointing system 
    * Once panels are installed scaffolding can be immediately removed. 
    * All Smartfix fixing components can be supplied in unlimited colours and finishes; and are fully recyclable 
    * Fully compatible when interfacing with all types of Aluminium window sections 
    * Cosmetically and structurally more advanced for all Aluminium Composite Panel installations 
    * 25% thicker panel used with Smartfix (5mm) 
Past and current issues associated with traditional fix Aluminium Composite panel systems Heavy sealants used in tape and cassette fix systems: 
    * Trap dust and dirt 
    * Harbor Bacteria 
    * Bleed into edging of panels due to petroleum content commonly found in facade sealants (staining panels) 
    * Short life span 
    * Unsightly from day of installation 
    * Uneven and inconsistent joint lines 
    * Inconsistent straightness from substructure 
    * Reliant on heavy face sealants for weather seal 
    * Creeping joint tolerances can result in uneven jointing and varying joint widths 
    * Increased labour to install tape and Cassette fix systems and caulking with heavy sealants
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Mẫu mầu mặt dựng Aluminium
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